We Acme Engineering Products & Systems India is a Joint Venture Company having manufacturing units near Mumbai India.

We are ISO 9001-2015 certified company.
– We follow PED / ASME section VIII code for design of pressure vessels.
– We can provide related inspector & test documentation for our products on special requests.


Automatic Scraper Strainer Presentation

Acme Engineering has been manufacturing automatic scraper strainers since the 1980’s. An automatic scraper strainer offers many advantages over backwash strainers (please see the webpage Scraper Strainer vs Backwash strainer). The ACRS Automatic Scraper Strainer is a motorized unit designed for the continuous removal of suspended solids from intake, process and wastewater flows. Cleaning is accomplished by a spring-loaded blade and brush system managed by a fully automatic control system.

Modes of Operation Include:
Manual Operation
When in manual operation, selector switches control the motor and blowdown operation.

Automatic Operation
When in automatic operation, timers within the control panel regulate strainer operations in conjunction with differential pressure override. Relays start and stop the motor & valve.

Advantages in using FRP Strainers
I) More cost effective than an all metal construction
II) Extremely resistant to corrosive environments
III) High impact solids resistance
IV) High-strength and high-performance design
V) Versatile and enduring construction

Industrial Applications
Applications for ACRS strainer include but are notlimited too:

Process & Power Industry, Pulp & Paper, Wastewater Treatment, Metal and Mining Industries, Oil Refineries, Seawater Filtration, Cooling Systems,
Chemical Processes.

The below downloadable presentation highlights recent contracts sold into the Middle Eastern marketplace.

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A presentation highlighting recent contracts sold into the Middle Eastern marketplace.


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