RS-485 Gas
Detection Networks

Acme offers a full range of hardwire gas detection products that will meet the demands of even the most complex applications. Our product offering includes panels ranging anywhere between 4 to 256 points, remote relay modules for in-situ activation of ventilation and transmitters with operational ranges of 1,600 to 10,000 square feet.

Our hardwire products include:

  1. CEL-LS Control Panel
  2. CEL-32 Control Panel
  3. CEL-4 Control Panel;
  4. GasPost
  5. RelayPost
  6. OccPost Occupancy Detectors (available soon)


  • Parking garages
  • Warehouses
  • Shipping/Receiving bays
  • Car/Bus/Truck/Train maintenance facilities
  • Car dealerships
  • Mechanical Rooms
  • Boilers
  • Refrigeration facilities
  • Pools
  • Water filtration
  • Gas storage rooms
  • Battery recharge rooms
  • Wastewater treatment plants
  • Detección de gas con sistema de control – Serie CEL(LS)

    Sistema escalable con sensores/regulador comunicando con el panel de control central, y los módulos del relé a distancia inalámbrico para operar los equipos de ventilación y alarmas a distancia.

  • Panel de control – CEL4

    Sistema de detección de gas centralizado de 4-puntos.

  • GasPost RS485

    Monóxido de Carbono (CO), Dióxido de Nitrógeno (NO2), Oxígeno (O2)

  • GasPost II RS485

    The Acme GasPost II toxic gas sensor/transmitter measures CO and NO2 gas concentrations in enclosed areas and transmits its readings to a CEL-series monitor/controller over an addressable RS-485 “Daisy-Chain” sensor network.

  • RS485 RelayPost

    The Acme WR Series Remote Relay Module operates within a CEL-LS RS-485 gas detection network, acting as an addressable output to the CEL Control Panel. Each WR Relay Module provides 8 relays for the indirect activation of fans, louvers, and other kinds of peripherals, at programmable set points.

  • Explosion Proof Gas Post

    The Acme Combustible gas sensor-transmitter measures the concentration of the target gas in an enclosed area and produces a proportional analog output signal. The Acme 40-ST Combustible Gas sensor is explosion proof. The enclosure of the sensor-transmitter is a explosion proof enclosure.

  • Quadset Refrigerant Gas Monitor

    The Acme Quadset Refrigerant Gas Monitor is designed to detect refrigerant leaks in enclosed areas. The Monitor utilizes a sophisticated NDIR sensor specific to any one of the commercially available refrigerants.


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